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Revit Coordination and collaboration

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    Revit Coordination and collaboration

    I'm looking for information on the definitive workflow and setup for coordination between architecture models and Structure and MEP files.
    When do you copy/monitor?
    What do you C/M?
    Who does what when?
    What about transfer project standards?
    What do you do when new elements are added to the model?
    How the hell do you make sense of the coordination report?
    How frequently do you do a coordination report?
    How do you get your consultants perform a report?

    I've attempted to use this feature of Revit, but have failed miserably...I need some good guidance.

    This is when I feel the use of these tools is best utilized.

    I copy (in copy monitor) things like foundation walls, they are structural, but also need to be seen and used architecturally, I have also used this tool when I have two structural models for CDs but combine them when doing rebar shop drawings.

    I monitor things like grids, so that I can see if they change, also some might monitor levels.

    I am not sure what you mean by coordination report? The coordination review? If this is the case the only time that I review this is when revit pops up with a message saying that a coordination review is required, then I go through and see what changes have been made and I choose how I deal with them case by case.

    What is your question about new elements being dded to the model? I have had this sort of thing handled two different ways, one where everyone just brings in what they need, and an other where I have one person who does that for the most part for the majority of items. I really prefer the second, right now I am using a file that allows everyone to bring in and make families and I have 20+ different types of the same exact thing, not only does this add to the model, but it makes me spend more time to filter through to get the family that I want.

    I am not sure I addressed all your questions, but hopefully that answers some of the bigger questions!


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