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Any stair drawing example?

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    Any stair drawing example?

    Hi there. I need to make detailed construction stair drawing, concrete stairs with metal railings.. any one has any example? so that i can check it out. So far i planned to show staircase with all levels plans, 2 sections and some details. Should I make separate drawing for railings? Tips please ;>
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    Depends on what the real purpose is? Are you creating a real set of construction drawings which the manufacturer will use straight in the shop? or are you "just" showing the design intent to the manufacturer, who´ll then be creating the actual construction drawings?
    Klaus Munkholm
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      I am showing set of drawings for concrete contractor who will cast concrete stairs in site. Railings as well they gonna mount it on site, but do not know if they gonna mount prefabricated railings..


        Originally posted by bangobeat View Post
        Tips please ;>
        For Revit? Gladly. For professional services? Get your cheque book.

        Seriously though dude, you need to look at your office's output, and seek guidance/education from your seniors on matters like this - if for the sole reason we all have different documentation conventions and standards.


          Only tips I would suggest:

          1. Do the all of the stairs as single - not multi-story. If you have to make changes, it's a bit tricky.
          2. Do all of the stairs first, then do the railings.
          3. In a concrete/monolithic stair Revit creates what looks like an extra riser line at the top of the stair. This is not a riser, it is the end of the stair.
          4. If you have a custom stair arrow for plans, you have to make the arrow as a detail component and draw it every view and turn off the Revit stair arrow per view, because you can't make custom stair arrows.
          5. Make a stair tag for number of risers – That is something office specific for us.

          Other than that, I agree with snowyweston - check with someone in your office for standards.

          If I think of anything else, I'll chime back in.


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