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Working with 3d CAD Files to Revit

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    Working with 3d CAD Files to Revit

    Good evening guys, I'm here learning how to work with CAD Files to Revit.

    From AutoCAD There is this file Iam working with in the 3D Format. from there I would save it as a dwg file.
    Next I would open the dwg file in Revit either through the link CAD option, or the import CAD option.
    So, this is where my question comes in.
    Once I open the 3D image, I am not able to manipulate any of the objects.
    Wanting to select one of the objects, Revit selects everything, preventing me to manipulate a desired object or line.

    I've tried to explode them all and Revit only explodes the 2d objects.

    Help and feedback would be much appreciated.

    You wont be able to edit and/or manipulate objects inside a 3D DWG within Revit. All you can do is see it, and turn different layers on and off. Revit and CAD are different programs.
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