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True North v Project North

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    True North v Project North

    Ive read up on the subject and played about with my current project but theres still one or two things i'm a bit lost with and was hoping someone may be able to shed some light on the subject for me.

    So i have a site plan and its set to true north but i want the building perpendicular so i select the crop box and rotate accordingly, so now i have a true north and a project north.

    While the building is perpendicular, should i select true north from the properties panel, as you would imagine, it rotates correctly, but now is when i get lost. If i then change the properties bar to project north, i get nothing, it doesn't rotate.

    The way i would have thought it works is that there is eesentially two settings, true north, and project north and all i do is change the properties and the project will rotate accordingly, but why then, does it not rotate back to the project north when selected?

    So looks like i have true north all sorted, but would need to re-rotate each time if i wanted it to project north, is that how its meant to be?


    Each floor plan is oriented Project North by default (in stock templates), including the Site view. Draw the building so it is easy to draw and put on sheets. In the Site view you change the Orientation parameter to True North and use the Rotate True North tool to orient the building the way it needs to be on site. This provides the contrast between Project North and True North. Rotating the crop region just changes the view, it doesn't tell Revit which orientation is True North.


      What Steve said.

      Also, there *IS* something weird about rotating the crop region and then messing with the TN/PN.

      Firstly, a plan set to True north wont let you rotate the Crop Region. I only bring that up because chances are you were rotating that view, while the view was already in PN. In either case, it shouldnt matter. How its behaving here, is that if i have rotated a views CR while i am in PN, and then i set it to TN, it ignores the rotation and sets it to TN. Then if i put it back to PN, the previous rotation of the CR is gone, and the view reverts back to Project north.

      This is what i would expect it to do... But it sounds like you are experiencing something different. Is there a Scope Box assigned to that view, by chance?
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        Thanks for your help guys. The problem was exactly as suggested. I figured that rotating the CR was me setting the different North points, but having followed your instructions its now working as i'd expect.


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