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Trimming to topo surface

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    Trimming to topo surface

    I'm brand new to Revit, sorry if this is elementary - but - how do I trim a foundation wall to a topo surface in an elevation view - the view shows the wall above & below grade. Associated question, - having turned the visibility of the foundation walls OFF in this view by element, how do I get them back?
    thanks! Will

    To "trim" the wall in an elevation view, simply click on the wall and grab the top grip and slide it down. Or, if you know what elevetion the top of wall should be at, you can manually enter it in the properties window.

    As for turning on individual elements, click the REVEAL HIDDEN ELEMENTS button (the light bulb) and the drawing area will have a pink boundary. Select the items you want to unhide and right-click and select the appropriate option from the popup menu.
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      Yes - this all worked well - many thanks!


        You're welcome.



          Complex Topo

          I am trying to do the same thing but I have a complex topo and I wish to trim the wall to the topo and attach.

          Basically, the site is in Churchill, Manitoba Canada, (read tundra) and I am trying to model a heavy stone masonry structure anchored directly into the exposed granite. I have the topo created as well as the walls but the walls are currently just floating in space, going through the topo and they need to be attached.

          I have included the Revit file (I have RCAD 2011) as well as two photos from the site to help you understand.

          Thanks in advance.

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            great pics...

            Unfortunately, there is no way to attach the walls to the topo surface.

            Ok, well, it could be done with some amount of API programming. This would not attach the wall, but one could trim the wall profile to the topo surface.
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              Crap. Thanks for the quick response, I appreciate it.


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