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    Enable/Disable view filters

    I have some view filters where I have set display overrides for Projection and Cut values. These filters are for checking purposes rather than for printing. Is there a way to disable and enable these filters?

    If I check off the Visibility box then the items are hidden rather than just returning to their natural display state. If I remove the filter then I will have to reset all the overrides again next time I want to check it out.

    Yes I could create a series of new views for this purpose, but I am trying to cut down the number of views we create.

    The work-around I can see is to go to View > Graphics > Filters, and change the Filter Rules from MY-VALUE to UNLIKELY-VALUE and then return it again when I am done checking. I can do this but I would like an easier method for the users. Is there a way please? Thanks in advance.

    Dont be afraid to make more views. It makes sense to do so. We have TONS of views that are just for checking stuff...
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      If you'd prefer more view templates to more views you could make a view template(s) that have the filters set the way you want them, and then temporarily apply view template properties.
      Julie Kidder
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