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Sloping Floor Slab Edge - no longer working?

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    Sloping Floor Slab Edge - no longer working?

    I've just been trying to put a slab edge profile onto a sloping floor and found it couldn't select the sloping edges. A quick search later and I found a few threads stating that you had to keep the slab flat, apply to slab edge and then manipulate the slab however as the clip below shows, my slab edge remains in its original position. Is the previous workflow now no longer working meaning I will have to use the fascia tool instead?

    Use model lines.
    Go / Set Work Plane / Pick Plane / Tab select top or bottom of slab.
    Select Model Line Tool / Pick / pick edges and lock line to edges.
    Now slab edges will snap to model lines.
    This works when slab is already inclined.
    Works the same as Fascia snaps to Model Line trick
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    Mark Balsom

    If it ain't broke, fix it till it is.


      Ahhh, I never even bothered to read the message in the bottom left else I would have realised exactly the same process could be used.
      Thanks for the heads up on that Mark.



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