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filters - try to rename or delete

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    filters - try to rename or delete

    Working on 2012 revit template with revit arch. I am trying to rename/delete filters, some are being used in view templates some are not. whenever I try to rename a filter, revit essentially duplicates the filter. for example if i try to rename 'abc' to '123abc', i end up with 2 filters. It seems I can't delete a filter either. File has worksets and i am only user editing. I even made all worksets editable, and i mean all. still can't rename or delete filters.

    Is this a undocumented feature ?

    Well, I don't have 2012 at had right now. But in 2011 I can rename and/or delete filters using the Visibility Graphics > Tab Filters > Edit/New. It lets me rename and delete filters. So if this is no longer possible in 2012 it seems like a bug to me.
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