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  • Ben-May
    Couple of tips.

    Create your levels first, the grids will actually automatically extend to the model extents, so if you create grids with only the default levels, you will then have to go back and change the 3D extents for all your grids

    Once you create your dimensions, you can just select in plan, copy to clipboard, then use the paste aligned option to selected views. you can then select the other plans you want the dimensions in

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  • dbakerstl
    started a topic Level and Grid Question

    Level and Grid Question

    I am brand new to Revit and kinda stumbling my way through it, but I have a quick question. I am designing a 4 story building for my class and first set up my column grids, annotated distances between grid lines and then I set up my levels. My question is, is there an easy way to display all the grid line changes I made and annotated distances for every level without having to go back and do the same thing for every level? I hope that makes sense...thank you for the help!

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