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Using Old Revit Projects for New Work

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    Using Old Revit Projects for New Work

    We do a tremendous amount of work for one hospital. Often these projects are small, limited in scope to one or two rooms. We did, however, complete one large project, in which we also modeled a significant chunk of the exterior of the hospital for Revit. We're now trying to figure out how best to use that existing Revit file for continuing work. We've come up with a few different solutions, all with their own list of pros & cons, but I was wondering if anyone around here has tackled this issue in their own work.

    We initially just tried copy/paste, but that got kind of goofy with all of the different levels. So we then linked in the existing model and used copy/monitor as a way to relatively easily copy in the grids and levels. After this point, we removed the linked file. We were then able to copy/paste aligned the elements from the existing model that we wanted to show and modify as necessary.

    We also tried to link in the model and bind it as a group, but were running into several errors. This may be solved by cleaning up the existing file.

    Ideally we would have one "master" file that we could use as a "" for each project. Of course, it gets more complex since we have to demolish elements in each new project.

    Why not work in Phases?
    Create a copy of the old project (so you can build an archive), in the copy create a 2 new Phases for each project: Demolish and New. This way you'll avoid all the hassle of copying / linking / binding / etc.
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