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Schedule not used in the sheet

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    Schedule not used in the sheet

    I am in the process of cleaning up a model file. Is there a way where I can quickly identify which "schedule" used on the sheet and which ones not? There are tons of schedule in the model and it is hard to tell which ones are needed.
    (this file is in 2013)

    Philip Chan
    Practice Technology Manager | HKS

    I'm not seeing any easy way, since there's no prompt when you delete a schedule that is on a sheet. Only thing I can think of is to expand the sheets and right click/rename any schedules that are on it with something to get it to sort to the top.
    Owen Drafting Technologies
    Kyle Owen - Owner


      I feel your pain.
      I've got a View List schedule that tells me all of the Views on all of the Sheets - very handy for organizing things.

      Well, not quite ALL of the Views on all of the Sheets.
      It won't list Schedules or Legends.
      Never understood why not. Those show up in the Project Browser. Why can't they show up in a View Schedule?
      Dave Plumb
      BWBR Architects; St Paul, MN

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        Maybe the Revit LookUp Addin? I've never used it but saw it mentioned in another thread.
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          Harry from Boost Your BIM post this today. so there isn't any Revit native way to do this.

          Which schedules are on a sheet and which are not? | Boost Your BIM
          Philip Chan
          Practice Technology Manager | HKS


            A Schedule graphic entity (distinct from a Schedule View) exists in only one sheet and can be listed by Ideate Explorer as shown here: IEX-Schedules Used - Ideate_Software's library

            Glynnis Patterson
            Glynnis Patterson, Architect


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