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Schedule "Referencing Sheet" for my View List

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    Schedule "Referencing Sheet" for my View List

    Is it possible to schedule "Referencing Sheet" so that it appears in a Master View List schedule? It does not seem to be a standard parameter to pull over into a View List schedule eventhough is it listed right there in the View Properties. Is there a workaround?

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    I added one to our list. I have a sheet list manager schedule with a Yes/No project parameter called FOR REFERENCE ONLY. then on the actual sheet list schedule(s), have a Calculated parameter (Text Type) with the following formula:

    if(For Reference Only, "FOR REFERENCE ONLY", "")

    It is fairly simple but it works. I need to redo it so I can add the FOR REFERENCE ONLY onto the sheets as well and not just the view list.

    see attached for an example.
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      I think the OP was asking the question if there is a way to get the "Referencing Sheet" parameter into a "View List" schedule.

      They could then know where the details are referenced and verify that the detail is in use somewhere in the project.

      I could see a problem with this because you may have many sheets where your detail is referenced. How would it deal with that?
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        oops. didn't read the question correctly. don't have an answer for that. I don't think it's possible to get the Referencing Sheet parameter.


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