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Help Needed! Revit 2014 wall materials not cooperating!

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    Help Needed! Revit 2014 wall materials not cooperating!

    so, i'm currently doing a project for my basic Revit 2014 class, and i'm having a lot of troubles with the wall materials. the project is, to recreate the Barcelona Pavillion in Revit, as well as do a cost analysis on the materials. my toubles lie with the fact that there are 4 different types of Marble walls, and whenever i try to make the walls with a different image of each other, all 4 of them change to be the same imaging. how i have it currently, is one wall is Marble, cut-polished, one wall Marble, cut-rough, Marble, and tavertine. this wont do for the cost analysis...:banghead: can you help? ...and did i make sense? lol

    You need 4 wall types - Wall1: Travertine, Wall2: Cut-polished etc. Then take the basic marble material, duplicate it, select the appearance and duplicate the material. Rename everything so it's correct - best bet is to keep the material and appearance named the same.

    this should help with the materials: Revit 2014 - Materials Revisited: AECbytes Tips and Tricks
    Revit for newbies - A starting point for RFO

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      Before you get too deeply embroiled in the materials editor fiddling with appearance settings...

      Consider the task in hand; you're looking at the amount not the appearance of the different materials. If you use a material schedule to takeoff these items, you'll get the values for "Stone_Marble_Rose", "Stone_Marble_Onyx", "Stone_Marble_Travertine", etc - regardless of their visual appearance.

      Appreciated, the task might also be to create a photorealistic render - since this is a course of some kind, at which point Chad's reply will help you a load.

      ...I once had a quick play with the Pavillion as a teaching guide for takeoffs also (but I used Mies' fabled cruciform column as my "device", modelled down to the individual rivets!) - it would be good to see the results of your labour once you're done!


        yeah, i should've mentioned...late night, i apologize. we are required to make the cruciform supports that Mies has in there through the Revit family-maker application, as well as the appearance must be a direct rendition. again, sorry for not including this...

        with that being said, i really appreciate your comment and input, and i believe that these will both help a whole lot!


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