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Autodesk 123D is out in beta, and there's potential!

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    Autodesk 123D is out in beta, and there's potential!

    and looks pretty cool... as a follower/fan/practitioner of the whole DIY Maker/Hacker movement, I think it's a pretty cool move by Autodesk to put this out there... with a direct link to digital fabrication, no less. The beta is a touch pokey, but it's definitely got legs...

    and I definitely like the GUI better than the Ribbon for sure. It would be sweet to see it implemented in Revit.

    Check it at

    a quick vid on making stuff
    Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

    Currently, the files created don't export to Revit, but they do export to .dwg, .sat, .stl, and .step

    It's definitely something to keep an eye on.

    Is this the big announcement people have been talking about during the last weeks?
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      Would love to have its radial right click menu in Revit.
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        I wonder if it will come with a XBOX controler...
        -Alex Cunningham


          Originally posted by cstanley View Post
          Currently, the files created don't export to Revit, but they do export to .dwg, .sat, .stl, and .step
          I have to yet see in my lifetime an Autodesk product that imports/exports native RTV files.

          The software looks interesting. They've finally taken the goods from each autodesk software and crammed that in one. The sketchiness and parametric of inventor combined with the right click control of Maya and the instance material access of showcase.
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            I've just downloaded the software. The splines work the way they should.


              So, is this their "SketchUp"?

              Looks like another program that could generate tons of simple content (appliances, plumbing fixtures, hardware) that Revit isn't very good at modeling, but once again, no *nice* way to bring it into Revit. That's disappointing.


                No native Rvt or Rfa = wont see the light of day in our projects. Too bad.
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                  I want to understand Autodesk's reasoning for, 9 years after buying Revit, they STILL can't be bothered to make it a full citizen. DWG is a lousy intermediary, and calling it an ADSK file is just a bold faced lie. So why no native RVT export from any other Autodesk product? Why no native import of RVT in any other product? Why does Revit STILL not have the ability to use linked DWF like AutoCAD? Why is Revit exported FBX so different? After 7 years there really shouldn't be this much still missing/wrong.

                  Yeah, not holding my breath for an answer either.

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                    holy crap, modeling in perspective view mode.
                    we had BIM solution called StarArchi running on unix in the late 90ties, who was capable of this.



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