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    Revise View Title?

    I spent some time this morning searching RFO for answers to this question without success. I need to know where to find the annotation family for the view title per the attached. I want the title on one line and I want to add both a sheet number parameter and a reference (Architectural detail number) parameter. Any help would be appreciated. I think that if I can find the family file that I can get the parameters added.
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    Look in the Project Browser: Families > Annotation Symbols > View Title > (select, right click > edit). In the family editor, increase the size of the view name, to get more room for long names, and add more labels as you wish. Then load family into project, overwriting the existing.
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      One other thing to add to Alfredo's post :

      If you add type-based visibility settings and apply them to the label & detail elements, you can create a one-family-fits-all that with combinations of the yes/no visibility parameters will allow you to create different "viewport" (sorry for the ACAD language) styles within your project/template - ie.
      "Title Only"
      "Title & Scale"
      "Title, Scale & Ref"

      or if you prefer, you could name them based on their uses ie.


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