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Publish coordinates cannot be published

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    Publish coordinates cannot be published

    Anyone out there ran into this problem?
    Setting up shared coordinates. I have a site revit file, insert a site cad file (positioned to auto-origin to origin) and placed as shared coordinate. Linked in multiple buildings and moved a rotated the cad file to my buildings to be orientated north, south, east and west as you see it on your screen. Clicked acquired coordinates and when clicked published coordinated a messages pops up "Cannot publish coordinates from a model with multiple named sites"? Not sure if this is the correct way? I highlighted a linked model, in the properties clicked shared site option "not shared" and highlighted record current position and click, change, renamed it and escaped out. :crazy:


    I'd back up...

    Create Revit site project file
    Linked CAD survey data - Auto Center to Center
    Move survey so that the most important or relevant part of site is near Revit origin
    Acquire Coordinates
    Verify coordinates in Revit match the coordinates of the survey, if they don't use Specify Coordinates at Point instead.
    Save project

    At this point your site file should represent the "real world", real coordinates, real elevation, north is "up" project north differentiation.

    Import building files
    Position them
    rotate them to match site info
    elevate them to the correct ground floor elevation

    Publish Coordinates to each building model

    If a building design is used more than once then copy the model and repeat the position/rotation/elevation adjustments. Publish Coordinates for the copy. Create a new Name Location when prompted.
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