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    Roof Question

    Say you have a huge house............:laugh:

    Okay, I need a roof on this sucker. Imagine I have a main gable going left to right (looking from the front elevation). Simple enough.

    Now, I have some rooms jetting off of the main rooms. Some perpendicular, some off 15 degrees.

    Is it better to try and model this all as one huge roof, or should I get the main roof in, then model each gable separately and join all of them? I've also got a double stacked fascia along all the roof edges, so those will have to clean up at the intersections.

    My money would be on modelling this as a Mass and apply Roofs to Face. This would probably spare you a huge amount of time in the joining of the different parts.
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      Depending if there are a height variations on the rooms, there might be a way to make it work. Although a sketch of some sort might help clarify exactly what you want.
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        I'd go with smaller individual roofs for the more complex parts.
        Or the Mass idea............

        or better yet, design the roof and floor plan together in 3D from the onset so you dont have to "force" the roof geometry and waste a lot of money
        with an over-complicated roof.

        Just my 2 c worth.
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          Single Roof, or one or two big pieces. The only time i use seperate roofs is if the gables are actually dormers that have their entire footprint within the boundary of the overall envelope. Then you HAVE to have seperate roofs, since "sketching a donut" in the main roof just puts a hole.

          Multiple roofs = people never ever ever actually get them to join correctly, and the model and the drawings end up looking like crap. I design it as one roof, it gets modeled as one roof.

          If you REALLY have issues with figuring out the geometry, id go shape editing before id go mass. But thats just me. YMMV.
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            Great tips everyone. Thanks. :thumbsup:

            So, one roof it is. I'm actually waiting for a roof plan sketch so I know exactly how he wants it. Every time I did a roof in Autocrap, it wouldn't build it the way he wanted it. I'd have to fudge and move some roof lines or ridges along the way. I'm just getting how I'm going to go about it in my head right now. I have no doubt it will be a wayyyy different (and better) experience in Revit.

            If I run into problems, you guys will be the first to know.


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