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Horizontal beams

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    Horizontal beams

    I am still getting use to this program. I drew 9 arch. and structural columns columns spaced 25' apart in each direction. I am trying to draw some horizontal beams flush to the top of my structural columns (for now). The structural column goes from Level 1 to Level 2 "for now". When I click on level 2 aerial/floor plan view to add some horizontal beams I run into trouble. I really am just messing around with revit to get use to it while I go through the book and video. When I draw a beam from in b/w the columns I can see them from the elevation view but not the floor plan views. I can see the top of the steel columns that end at level 2 faded nut not the horizontal beams that end at the same place. Any ideas/comments are greatly appreciated.



    Posting images to illustrate the situation improves your chances of getting a reply. Please post some screen captures.
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      For those who might be interested. Through some research and advice from here and other places I have learned visibility is quite an important aspect in Revit. First, learn about phases. If your really not into the phase thing just pick or make a phase that makes sense, lol. So far, I use 3 phases. Sub, interior and exterior. Eventually, I am going to dabble around with saving complete files with everything I want visible with everything set as Project Completed. Next, view range is one of my most common setting. Sometimes I like to see stuff sometimes I dont. I have learned that I might be overusing this feature and should learn how to underlay. I have flirted with that but do not really see the point yet.


        A few things to watch out for:
        1. View Range: Notice the Primary Range's Bottom and the View Depth Level. The 1st is where your normal selections would stop (i.e. if you select by crossing only those things passing through this level up to the Cut plane gets selected). The 2nd is either the same level or could be anything below that - and this is simply showing it, but disallowing normal selection. (Note you can still select stuff below using tab, but crossing / window won't).
        2. Underlays are usually not a bad option (instead of increasing the View Depth). Note though that if you don't add floors (and ensuring stuff are either set to stop below the floor or attached to it) you will see objects where you're not expecting them.
        3. You already mentioned phasing. That can make for some strange effects if you're not (yet) experienced on phases and phase filters. But once you get the hang of it you shouldn't have too much issues. In a similar light you should also look out for Design Options and Worksets - they could have similar effects.
        4. Detail Level also has an effect on visibility, especially beams (but nearly everything either gets displayed differently or hides due to DL).
        5. Visibility / Graphics Overrides can also hide objects you're expecting to see. If you've used ACad, it's similar to drawing objects while the current layer is turned off. To make VG more consistent look into View Templates, they make life 10 times easier.


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