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    Revit Licenses

    In our Wyoming office we have 1 RST and 4 BDSP licenses, and in Colorado we have many RST license and around 5 BDSP licenses. How can I keep the Wyoming office to pull only their licenses since it will try and pull the Colorado RST license before it goes after its 4 BDSP licenses?

    I thought this would be fixed by making sure the serial numbers and all were correct for the deployments as well as the specified license server, but that does not seem to be the case.


    Hi Grant,

    So you put all the Wyoming office and Colorado office in one license server? And now you want to limit access for the licenses?
    You can use option file to manage the licenses. Create two groups: Wyoming and Colorado. Define hosts (or users) in each group. Then assign the licenses to each group.
    You can read more about option file here: Autodesk - Autodesk AutoCAD Services & Support - How to control network license access using an options file


      We have different license servers, but we have access to each others. I will take a look through the link.



        Didn't 2014 introduce a hierarchy of which servers to use first? I recall Aaron talking about it in great detail that is what Gordon's script helps create as Aaron has about 4 or 5 license servers to work with in multiple states.
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          Thats not what i was doing.

          2014 didnt introduce anything differnet in terms of functionality, but we have redundant license servers, much the same as they have at Grants office. The issue is, when the suites came out, they did make it so that the platforms will all pull the *lowest* license in the hierarchy, first. Which means RST before the suite.

          To take care of that, id probably just wipe out one anothers license servers from the machines. So Wyoming will only see the Wyoming license server. THAT, Gordons script can do post deployment, which is handy.
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            We've had roughly the same issue. Someone opens Revit pulling an RVT license, then they open CAD on the same machine pulling a BDSP license, effectively taking up two Revit licenses for one user.

            Here's what we've had to do. If you know you'll have to use CAD, open CAD first, then Revit. It'll pull a BDSP license for CAD, then Revit will use that same BDSP license.

            I'm definitely going to look into that network license options file though.


              The serial numbers in the deployments really have nothing to do with how the license cascading works. edo's method is the best way to restrict licensing based on groups set up in the Options files for both offices in your current setup.
              If the license cascading is working correctly, the type of license pulled should be transparent to the users. You aren't specific in your question, but are you having problems with users being denied licenses? If not, I would not worry about whether the license comes from the RST pool or the BDSP pool - or break the licensing up between the offices as Aaron suggests. I assume this manipulation would occur by changing the ADESKFLEX_LICENSE_FILE environment variables on machines in each office.