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RAC 2012 Deployment Post-processing

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  • dzatto
    All I know is my IT guy has tried several times to get a deployment, and it keeps freezing at the beginning. He has no idea why. And I don't get to play with 2012 at work until he figures it out. So yeah, the deployment creation process is fubar. At least at my office.

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  • jsnyder
    started a topic RAC 2012 Deployment Post-processing

    RAC 2012 Deployment Post-processing

    This thread: and several others here and over at that other place I frequent only occasionally now, brought a question to mind.
    Assuming that we want to install/use RAC 2012 before the first update comes out in 3 months, how much post-processing do people actually have to do after the install to make it work? Are you running scripts? Changing INI files? Are you editing XML files? Installing addons and plugins?
    I ask for a couple of reasons. First, to gauge how much and what kind of effort people are actually putting out to get a workable, reliable install. Second, to figure out whether I am being unreasonable in thinking that the deployment creation process in its current state should work better.

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