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Rotate true north / toposurface

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    Rotate true north / toposurface

    I have a house modeled to project north, a toposurface created from a 3D CAD file (oriented to true north), and a property line drawn using a table. I now want to rotate true north so the house is oriented properly on the site. It seems like toposurfaces should stay oriented to true north just like property lines drawn using tables. Am I missing something, or does Revit not treat topos this way?
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    I think your best method is to rotate the topo in a project north view to match the the project north orientation your house already has. In other words match everything up to work in a project north view.
    Now go to a true north view, and using the reverse angle that you used to adjust the topo around before, rotate the topo and house using the rotate true north tools.
    You can check that have got the right angle by placing a property line tag that shows you the angle of the property.
    One thing at this point is if you have to do a minor rotate adjustment to finalise the tag will not update to show the new value of bearing from the last one, unless from memory you click on it, or retag it. This bit me once.
    hope this helps
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      I would have to agree with biff. In addition, you should actually have a reference to true north in a survey which would also help determine the angle you need to rotate true north.

      By default true north am project north are the same which is technically true north. If you created the property line using the table I would be surprised to hear if it was in the correct orientation in relation to your actual building, but without actually looking at the file it's a little bit hard to make that judgment for sure.

      Usually our workflow when it comes to this topic is to take an existing survey which is already oriented to project North and then link into Revit. Using the rotate true North command rotate, we then true North so the angle of the true North arrow in the survey points up. When you tag this line it should have a bearing 0deg, 0, 0".

      If the survey is oriented to true North when we link it in to Revit, then we have to choose what the project north reference angle will be and that angle essentially becomes our project north. So in that case you have to rotate the cad file after you bring it in, orient to project north and then using the same angle, rotate true north in your true north view.

      One thing we have found funny about manually rotating a CAD file in this situation is that you need to rotate the cad file in a project north view because from my experience anyway, when you rotate the CAD file in the true North view it will rotate back on you when you reload it.


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