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New Revit Files Corrupt

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    New Revit Files Corrupt

    While working in a Revit Architecture 2014 file recently, the message reading "Data in file <filename> is corrupt and needs to be manually recovered." arose.

    The file and all of it's backup files have become corrupt and display the same message upon attempting to open.

    New files that I create will save and open once or twice, but soon enough display the same message.

    I've not found a solution to my problem. Has anyone seen this? Found a solution?

    My IT guru is out for the day and I wont have our licensing info for an official case w/ Autodesk help until tomorrow, but I'd love to find a solution sooner than that.

    Thanks in advance for the help!

    Is it possible that the size of the background images I'm inserting can be affecting the stability of the file? I've noticed that the files with the larger .tif (1Mb+) files inserted crash faster than those with smaller .tif files (100Kb) inserted. Could be a random coincidence, but struck me as odd.


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