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Pitched roof sections

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    Pitched roof sections

    How do you like to model pitched roofs when needing to cut sections through it? I started by doing a pitched roof with layers including the top truss chord, and then a flat roof with one layer for the bottom chord. I'm not a fan of it, though, because it somewhat implies that a truss is being cut through the long way. I don't want to see the bottom line of the top chord as thick as the other lines when cutting parallel to a truss, and I don't want to see it continuous when cutting perpendicular to a truss. I'm thinking of eliminating the chord layers and detailing that in, but I hate detailing elements if they can easily be represented in 3D. What method do you use? What are the pros and cons?
    Owen Drafting Technologies
    Kyle Owen - Owner

    I would model the trusses. There are a bunch of them in the OOTB library and you can use the beam system tool to layout the roof fairly easily.


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