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Revit OOB library on server

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  • pfaudler
    started a topic Revit OOB library on server

    Revit OOB library on server


    What is the best way to manage revit OOB library on the server? We have a global presence so I would like to know how others manage OOB library on the server?
    Currently we have generic metric and imperial library, which is common in all all offices with no write permission for users.

    Should we have country specific generic/OOB library in each country server OR can we use one generic/OOB library in all countries? My understanding is that Revit OOB library is different per region so it best to have region specific library stored in each region. It is useful to have region specific templates/library so that users can create project specific content easily based on region specific OOB content. Right?

    Please let me have your thoguhts on this.
    Thanks in anticipation.

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