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Cannot edit distance between arrayed ojbects within the array!

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    Cannot edit distance between arrayed ojbects within the array!

    Hi! I cannot for the life of me understand why it is so difficult to find answers on the internete for such simple revit problems. I've spent hours trying to figure out how to "Edit the distance between arrayed objects". It is not problem editing the No. lof items in the array. But I have given up trying to figure this incredibly simple function.
    Any help would be much appreciated including any books that explaion some of these hidden commands. I've already spent over $1000.00 for books & $1100.00 on training. Its a great & solid program but exttremely difficult to work with and especially with the lack of hellp out there. Using Revit 2013 Ultimate.
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    Dimension the distance between the first and second object in the array (if you are using array to the second, rather than the last, position)
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      Is the array built with the second object in the array being set to "second" or "last"?
      Either way, editing it is the same way, but it will affect the array differently. Select any part of the array. You should see a line show up that shows how many elements have been arrayed (see screen shot). If you move your mouse too quickly, it will go away. Yours will just have a number. Simply click on the number to edit it.

      You'll notice mine says "number of spaces 11". That's because I added a parameter to mine to control it. To do that, select an element (just as you did above), except this time, select the array line (not the number). Go to the options bar (just under the ribbon) and select "add parameter". Now, you can add an instance or type parameter to control the array.
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        Originally posted by cosmictraveller View Post
        [COLOR=#232323][FONT=Arial]Hi! "Edit the distance between arrayed objects". It is not problem editing the No. lof items in the array.

        It will all depend on how you've made your array. Are we talking about linear arrays or radial arrays here, just to make sure?

        If you've used linear array, you'll want to make sure you know the difference between "Array Second" and "Array Last".

        Array Last is good for setting the start and end point of the array and having the arrayed objects spaced proportionally between. You only need to constrain the start and the end arrayed object to constrain the array, with a formula or manual input for the number of arrayed items.

        Array Second has the array set up based on the location of the second item. You will want to constrain the first object in the array first. Align-lock to any reference planes or lines you have set up. The second item in the array can be placed anywhere in relation to the second. Either dimension directly to the array geometry (not recommended if you need the dimension to be parametric.) or dimension to some reference planes/lines and align-lock the arrayed item to these planes. The rest of the array will then follow whatever offsets the second arrayed item has compared to the first arrayed item.
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          O.K. Andrew! What I am doing is a very simple "Linear Array". Should have been more specific on that. I am also using "Array Second". I think from what you are saying the second method will work best & this is what I want, to be able to adjust the distance in my array. Cant believe this is so tricky. Too used to Autocad & 3d modelling software. Why can't they exlain these things in the books! They talk about everything else but this part of editing the array! Thanks Andrew & everyone else that has replied! I will work on this & give you all my feedback as to whats going on here. Sure appreciate the quick response & support here. Its not easy getting help with this software.


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