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Curtain wall panels

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    Curtain wall panels

    I have a panel created from a family which i cannot insert into a portion of my curtainwall - its the sloped portion which will not allow me to insert my panel. it only accepts system panels.
    please help!

    Curtain Panel.jpg

    This can't be done with Curtain panels, as you noticed as soon as their shape is no longer a rectangle the system panel becomes the only choice.

    alternatives depending on how complex your panel is: (Can't tell from the picture how complex your panel is)

    -Modify a System Panels with your material to get the right shape
    -Change a panel to a Basic Wall which you hacked to get the right materials in the Curtain Wall
    -Go to the Conceptual Massing environment, make the surface and divide it up into the shape you have here, then you can make an adaptive panel that will respect a 4 point configuration that is not a rectangle.

    The last one is my preference if you need any sort of complexity in your panel (System panels are just a material and a thickness), but if you're a new user (?) the CME is a new skillset to learn.


      Thanks. I wlike the sound of adaptive panel - can you elaborateon how to go about creating one?
      The panel i've created is a Double glazed Panel. i.e one pane of glass on either side of the mullion.


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