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Running Revit with DFS

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    Running Revit with DFS

    (note: have prefixed this Revit 2013 but applies to Revit 2012 also...)

    I've tried searching good ole google for an answer on this to no avail, so am hoping someone here can assist.

    We are currently in the need to 'split' up our extremely over burdened projects server and are looking at using DFS (Distributed File System) to control/manage this.

    Has anyone here experienced Revit working with DFS at all?
    Are there any known issues for this?

    We wouldn't be looking at invoking the replication side of it for the projects as we have Revit Server for our projects being worked on collaboratively internally within the practice. But would do for the libraries...these are on a different server.

    Thanks in advance for anyone able to offer advise.

    Mel Tristram
    National BIM Manager | Senior Associate
    Jasmax Ltd

    We are running DFS for our internal library, but not for our project server. It works brilliantly for the library, we have a overnight sync of all the data setup, so all our offices get the latest version each day.
    Darryl Store - Associate (BIM)
    [email protected]
    Twitter: @darrylstore


      there are a couple off issues to be aware of.
      1: Seriously consider abandoning mapped drive letters and use Network Locations instead. If you also leverage the Favorites feature in Windows this works a treat, and doesn't feel like 1985.
      2: Make absolutely sure that DFS Replication is not happening during work hours. One office I worked at had DFS-R happening hourly because IT wanted a Replicated server ready to go on a moments notice. The problem is that DFS-R on an in use central file will cause corruption and cost hours of work. We probably ****** away hundreds of staff hours in corruption preparing for a disaster that never happened. Finding the right balance there is important, and I think overnight replication and offsite backup is the right balance. I also suggest removing Revit central files from Volume Shadow Copy during work hours, but I have not had any experience with VSC in the last few years (that office didn't use VSC because it would require user training to be successful, don't ask! ) so maybe that is no longer an issue.
      And Revit Server is a TOTALLY different animal, so hopefully someone can chime in with the issues there. Everything I have said only applies to traditional Workshared projects.

      All that said, DFS is one of those things that Microsoft got right, and once you do the upfront work, life gets MUCH easier. A complete server room rebuild, with new servers, new server names, and storage resources going from internal drives to NAS to SAN, can all be done basically transparent to the user.

      Pragmatic Praxis


        Hi Gordon, have you had any recent experience with Revit+DFS? I know that the deployments are touchy, but I wonder if any of the more recent Autodesk products play better with DFS. The Autodesk website still says DFS is unsupported.
        Kevin Carroll
        BIM Manager


          If DFS goes to replicate a model while people are in it, it's going to break your stuff.

          DFS for Revit is either Revit Server or C4R.

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          Aaron Maller
          Parallax Team, Inc.
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