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Railing Issue

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    Railing Issue

    Hi there, I need some help solving the following issue, I´m designing a stair that have two landings, I'm using the stairs by component method for make the stair model, but when I finish the construction of my stair I noted that the railing is blocking the doors of my building so I try to edit the railing but I notice that the lines overlaps one over one, so is quite hard for me to find which one I must erase for editing my railing, see the attached image, anyone has a method for make this railing possible?, I'm figured out that can exists any tool for this issue but I don't know it, any suggestion will be very appreciated, tnx a lot, best regards.REVIT PROBLEMA.png
    Andres Franco - Architect - BIM Coordinator
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    move them apart, trial and error ?
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