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Revision clouds (dumb question hopefully)

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    Revision clouds (dumb question hopefully)

    Hi all,

    Currently, the way I've been doing revisions is by making a revision for each cloud or group of clouds that occurs on a sheet (i.e. one line for each revision in the dialog box per sheet); if the same revision description occurs on two separate sheets, they get two separate lines in the revision dialog box so I can control the cloud visibility separately per sheet. FYI I modified the revision schedule in my sheets so that the "ISSUED TO" column is where I put my "delta" number/letter - I don't use the sequence number for my delta designations.

    I thought there was a way to do this, but maybe I'm mistaken. Is there a way to set up revisions so that:
    1. The same revision line in the revision dialog box can be used on multiple sheets (e.g. revision named "PLAN REVIEW COMMENTS 1" (delta 1) can be used on multiple sheets)
    2. When I add a delta 2 (e.g. PLAN REVIEW COMMENTS 2) to a sheet that already has a delta 1, the delta 1 tag will remain but cloud will hide. (but of course, on any sheet that only has a delta 1, the cloud and tag remain).

    Thanks for the help!

    You can achieve #1 by going to the Revisions on Sheet and checking the box, but #2 you cannot have the cloud and disappear on one sheet but appear on another =\
    Adam Hutchinson
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      Manage Tab > Settings Panel > Additional Settings Pulldown > Sheet Issues/Revisions...

      It sounds like you want to have all your revisions be "Per Project" so that when you issue revision 1, all your sheets have the same date for revision 1.

      When you add revision 2, change the "show" column for revision one to "Tag" and only the delta and 1 will show for revision 1. Once revision one has been issued, you can also mark the checkbox for "Issued" so that you know that no other changes should be issued under revision 1.

      ETA: OOPS... just read AHutchinson's response above and realized I misread your #2. You're not going to be able to have both clouds on if you follow my method above (ie. Per Project/change rev 1 to Tag only.)

      You'll have to decide if you want to have your revisions Per Project or Per Sheet. If you do them Per Sheet, you ~will~ be able to have a rev 2 on one sheet and a rev 1 on another. But then you'll have issues keeping all the revision 2's the same.

      (Ugh... it's Friday and I think I'm confusing myself trying to be clear for you. Sorry.)
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        I haven't tried this, but maybe you could override the graphics of the cloud per revision and make the cloud white? Then the tag would still show.

        It's a work around but it might be worth a shot.


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