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When you will use Groups and when you will use assemblies?

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    When you will use Groups and when you will use assemblies?

    Hi, i use both features of groups and assemblies.
    although i know assemblies is powerful that it can be scheduled but sometimes i use the grouping for purpose of making multiple object as one block to copy around.
    so in cases when you prefer using assemblies and when you prefer using groups ?
    Also i noticed in Group if there is copy of it, the copy will get similar to original group? is this the same in assemblies ?

    Groups will update through all instances in a project when any single instance is changed. Although you can make copies of assemblies, changing one instance will not change the other instances and you will be advised of automatic renaming (to the next number) for your edited assembly.

    Assemblies can be tagged and scheduled, groups can not although you can tag and schedule an element within a group.

    I find an advantage of assemblies is you can very quickly produce views and sheets for each and none of the view markers show up in regular views (and vice versa). The disadvantage is you have to return to a regular view to edit assemblies (in 2012 at least).
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