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revit server model access rights

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    revit server model access rights


    we have setup a working Revit server environment. We will be giving access to the central server to third parties so that we can collaborate. Since there are multiple 3rd parties we would like to restrict access to the models.

    The central server is not on the same domain as the local servers.


    project A is only accesible to us and third party 1
    project B is only accesible to us and third party 2
    project C is only accesible to us and third party 3

    Since the admin console doesn't allow us to do this we were wondering whether we could set access on the directory level.

    We would like to know with which account do users or local server get acces to the central server.

    kind regards


    I dont believe you can use RS to restrict it in that way.
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      thanks for the reply,

      We had auditing enabled on the directories where the models are stored but so far we are not quiet sure whether we have found differences in how the directory is accessed. We have been syncing with two different computers from different local servers and it's still puzzling. The logs are a bit hard to read.

      I would think that a local servers would have to authenticate itself whenever it tries to write something to the central server.


        First of all... I have absolutely no first hand experience with RS. But from what I've been reading, it seems that RS is using standard HTTP protocols, and thus maybe, and only maybe, it would do the trick to use a old fashion .htaccess file in the directories where each external company needs (or don't need) access too?
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          I doubt that that is going to work. Apparently Revit server only uses one account to synchronize between the servers...


            In your scenario you would need to have three different Central Servers. Addressing this will be a key factor for successful Third-Party wrappers over RS in the future. If I had the programming skills I would have made one already :-)


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