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Revit Server Backup Script

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    Revit Server Backup Script

    Hi group,

    I have completed and tested a python 3 script to backup models in revit server instances in the LAN.
    The github page for it is:

    The code is commented in spanish only but I plan to translate the comments sometime in the future...

    The script calls RevitServerTool for each project in the server instance to be backed up and preserves the folder structure within the server.
    It requires configuration in of project codes and folders for it to work (so it knows where to dump the files to).
    Other data needed for admin emails, logging, etc., can be configured also.

    I have been using it for a couple of months now and it works flawlessly allowing periodical backups of the file with windows task scheduler.

    I am not too familiar with github yet so any comments here are welcome!

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