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    Has anyone used Vault with Revit?

    We are looking at using it to store our families and templates so they can be managed from one loaction and used at mulitple sites.


    Not sure if anyone has had too much experience with this yet. I would really like to get my hands on the latest vault to set this kind of process up to get a better understanding of how it will work with Revit 2012.


      One of the resellers we got quotes from this year went in hard with Vault, and I also got to see it in a show & tell conference (by another reseller) and it does appeal to my strict sense of order (but opposes my hate of control) - but it "felt" awkward, clumsy and somewhat slow - and just seemed (at this time for us) it would only create another frontier our people would have to cross to get on with their work.

      Personally I'm of the opinion, certainly in a firm of our size (sub-30), that if there are systems of heirarchy, chain-of-command, delegation & communication in place (and adhered to) then Vault shouldn't be a requirement. But that's only if everyone plays the game, which is difficult enough - so the more people you have, the harder I imagine it must be to keep EVERYONE in check - which is where something like Vault would come into it's own.

      As it is, I'll continue my reading into it, and perhaps one day have a play, but for now I'm keeping it well clear of our QA guy's ears.
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        Hi Clive

        How about you try out Family Browser. That will sort out your families in one location and shared around many sites easily. We have multiple sites that are doing just that.

        Check it out at


        Phillip Miller
        Kiwi Codes Solutions Ltd
        Makers of "Family Browser" and "Project Browser" for Revit.


          Hi Phillip

          thanks for the heads up:beer:
          it looks to be a much cheaper solution to our problem.

          I assume the speed at which the remote office can access the files is based purely on our internet connection?


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