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experience in working with design teams???

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    experience in working with design teams???

    I am a newb to Revit (two weeks). and trying to learn it on the go. not easy doing that AND managing a team of cad techs
    We just took on a project that utilizes Revit2011, that being said.
    can anyone guide me, or help me understand, WHAT my role with revit would be?
    meaning, do i need to worry about "linking" and "revit server" and anything else that might go along with this task?
    being as we are a "component" of the job, and not the main client,
    do we need to utilize links and things like that,
    or would we just do our part, and send/upload our info so they can insert?

    as you can see, i am soooooooooooo new.
    i am on chapter 3 in the "mastering revitmep guide"!!!!!!
    i know.. scarey....
    maybe im over thinking this. i dont know...
    and on top of the added stress of learning this program asap, i also need to make a entire new library in revit?????

    Originally posted by revit-mcs2011 View Post
    can anyone guide me, or help me understand, WHAT my role with revit would be?
    Er, it's what you (ie. you/your company) have agreed it to be. How can we help you answer that?

    Sounds to me like someone might have bitten off a little more than they can chew.


      You have a central link in the architects and structural start building all the fun stuff that MEP folk do based on what the arch and struct present to you. Your role is keep everyone going in the right direction (I have no idea what your title is)...and there is no reason you cannot dive in with everyone else.

      Revit Server is primarily used if you have multiple offices working on the same files and want direct connections...if your brand new I suggest holding off on this for a while.

      Don't know what comes OOTB for MEP....but I know for Arch I have been building lots of families along the first few projects that is all I did while everyone else did the building.. A new library for your company is a very good idea.

      One thing I can suggest....stay away from in-place components as much as possible. Our MEP guys got their model up to the 1gb size because they used all in-place components instead of creating a family. Back then they were cursing, but once they learned how to build families they are loving Revit.
      Michael "MP" Patrick (Deceased - R.I.P)


        "Sounds to me like someone might have bitten off a little more than they can chew. " THAT IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT and i am the new cad manager..... cad im good to go.... this.... hmm
        two weeks ago i was informed my task was to learn revit pronto - no school, no teacher, just google it, find it, learn it....

        this "worksharing" thing.
        if i open the "central file" and select it to be "detached from the central file", revit lets me know that it will creat an independant fiale and will be UNABLE to synch changes to original...
        if i am merely placing cameras, intercoms, cabinets and such "on" the central floorplans, will that be an issue not being able to synch?
        man, i need a guru here and now pronto!!!!!!
        i think if i was taught the correct way from the start and not slammed into it i could grasp this pretty quick...



          Okay, stepping off my soap box...seriously...The only reason I picked up Revit so fast was I was an ArchiCAD user for 4 years before getting my first Revit CD...even so our office requires all Revit users to take to take beginner and intermediate Revit courses. I tested out of beginner and almost fell asleep during intermediate...(I was correcting the looking for the Advanced stuff, which is why I hang out in the forums.

          Worksharing: Once a project has been setup for worksharing NOBODY should be opening it directly, only create local files of it. The only time it should be opened on purpose is if doing file maintenance or your detaching from central to make your own copy for your own it will lose all association with the original central file at this point. So everyone should be working in their local files, nobody should be in the central, and you should create a new local file everyday..(I create a new one everytime Revit opens)

          Gurus....If I remember right there are some pretty good Revit User Groups in San Antonio...go might even be able to get some of them to do a mini class for you after hours...
          Michael "MP" Patrick (Deceased - R.I.P)


            If this is your first Revit project I would recommend starting off with a small pilot project - perhaps a small home or tenant improvement to get your feet wet. If you plan to jump in with a large project that requires a team of people and the use of worksets, then I’d say you are being overly ambitious. You may be setting yourself up for a spectacular failure. It is possible to start small and learn the program as you go, but don’t give yourself a strict deadline because everything takes longer when you are learning.
            Scott Hopkins AIA LEED AP
            Peikert Group Architects


              Originally posted by Scott Hopkins View Post
              If this is your first Revit project I would recommend starting off with a small pilot project...
              I only disagree with this because of this experience in the past. Large projects with large budgets can afford you to hire an Implementation Specialist and put some people through proper (ie: not through reseller) training. You can use a small team to pull off the large project while learning Revit as a team and then use that knowledge to spread the Revit training via use of small projects. Small projects will have budgets which are eaten through in no time just from learning the Revit interface, much less actually producing something.
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                I am sure you are right. Either way you will take a big financial hit. On a small project you will most definitely go way over budget. You will need to allocate many of your extra hours to "education". On the flip side for a large project, a Revit implementer is going to charge an arm and a leg. The argument can be made that it is just as easy to go over budget on a large project as a small one. In the end, if things go badly, it is probably better to have things go badly with small one-off client rather than a large very important client.

                Start with a small job to find out what you don’t know so that you can effectively plan for a larger job. Even then you may still want a Revit Implementer. Our office routinely does $25 million plus projects but a first time Revit user would never be allowed to touch such a job. We have them cut their Revit teeth on a much smaller project.
                Scott Hopkins AIA LEED AP
                Peikert Group Architects


                  If management is telling him to learn on his own time, on his own dime, of his own volition, i think its safe to say theyre not hiring a good Revit Implementation Specialist, which is a drag.

                  But YES. You should read up A LOT on Worksharing, a LOT on Links, and a LOT on how to put a project together with both. If youre an engineer on a job that has other trades on a job, both of those things could be VERY VERY important to you.
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                    I think registration is still open for RTC next week....hotel is full....if you have to pay for your own training this could be a good start! Its only a 21 hour drive from San Antonio to Huntington Beach, CA...

                    Okay, kinda long drive and I am flying there. Another place to learn more is to sign up at, once signed in you have access to previous courses from Autodesk University with handouts and video, etc...

                    So good luck.....ask your questions away, that is what the forums are for....just stay CALM....relax....use the search tool and you will get through this...
                    Michael "MP" Patrick (Deceased - R.I.P)


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