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Revit Server can not be found

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    Revit Server can not be found

    So we have our Cental Server set up, and we found info. about not having to have a local Server if many of the locals users that are going to be connected to the project are in the same office as the Central Server.

    My questions is why cant I get any of my client machines to find the Central Server? I can log into the administration page just fine but cant get Revit to point at the Server.

    Any help would be wonderful



    Have you checked to make sure there are firewall exceptions on the Central Server for file sharing?

    The installation of IIS automatically creates exceptions to allow access to the web server for administration purposes, but the File Server role is not required, which means you'd have to create the exceptions for those connections manually, or disable the firewall for domain/private networks.

    Hope that helps!
    Network Administrator
    Dallas, Texas


      At the local workstations,
      Try using command prompt

      ipconfig /flushdns
      ipconfig / release
      ipconfig /renew

      Sometimes a "stale" adapter cannot find the Revit Server, and refreshing its DNS will correct the problem.
      We have also had various success and failures with Dynamic IP address vs Static IP addresses on individual workstations.

      Cliff B. Collins
      Registered Architect
      The Lamar Johnson Collaborative Architects, St. Louis, MO
      Autodesk Expert Elite


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