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[All Verticals] - Improved Detail Level Function in Family Editor

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    [All Verticals] - Improved Detail Level Function in Family Editor

    Applies to: - All Verticals

    New Feature / Problem:
    I apologize if this was asked for before, but couldn't find it.

    The family editor could use some improvements when it comes to the family editor environment. When users utilize the coarse/medium/fine detail levels it should be friendlier to the developers/users who make/open families.

    Currently, Parent-level visibility settings make extrusions have greyed out border lines when a certain detail level is set off. It doesn't make the element invisible in the family editor. You can get around this feature by using nested components for certain detail levels, however you shouldn't have to. Child-level visibility settings work in the family editor environment.

    NEW FEATURE: Detail Level Visibility Settings should work in Parent-level extrusions to aid the development speed and quality control of families.

    Why do you need this Feature / Why is it a Problem:
    EXAMPLE: Modeling a complex object in fine visibility, but only want or need to represent the object as a block in plan, but still look like a crude representation in elevation.

    User does not want to use masking regions and detail lines. Prefers all 3D modeling in all views.

    User models the fine visibility object. Okay.

    User models the elevation view object at less detail. Family is getting crowded with all the new blocky extrusions.

    User models the plan view object. One cube restrained by extents of reference planes.

    The family will now only look like a big block. If something has to change in the family later on, the user will either have to delete the crude model elements or work only in wireframe view.

    Having Parent-level Detail Level Visibility Settings would allow the user to work on one level of detail at a time without having to deal with the other detail levels, speeding up changes or development time.

    New DETAIL LEVEL setting: View All

    Download family from internet.
    Family loads as a cube, setting on View All.
    User changes detail level to coarse. Sees cube as loaded in.
    User changes detail level to medium. Sees reduced geometry and only reduced geometry.
    User changes detail level to fine. Sees detailed model and only detailed model. Makes changes to detailed model noticing error without needing to work in wireframe.
    User does not have to worry about linework, masking regions, nested geometry.
    User can quickly check for errors or forgotten geometry with View All setting.

    Speed up the development of families that require drastically different geometry for different detail levels.

    Speed up the QC and viewing of downloaded families or families in a firm's library.

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