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[Revit Architecture] - Real roof tiles

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    [Revit Architecture] - Real roof tiles

    Applies to: - Revit Architecture

    New Feature / Problem:
    We need real shaped roofing not a sandwich roof but real tiled roof with real beautiful ridge possibilites, it can be grid based also.

    Why do you need this Feature / Why is it a Problem:
    Because there is no realistic roofs yet and it's a big disadvantage for such a perfect architectural program

    When designing a home

    Perfect modeling

    Attachment comments:

    Agreed!! It would be fine a sort of function for roofs, walls and floors where you can define a complicated system of grids, horizontal, vertical with profiles, elements and rules how to handle by openings, corners, edges etcetera.

    It is usefull for all sorts of wallsystems and floorsystems as well. Something like a curtain wall, sloped glazing, but them with much and much more options and rules.


      Nope, too much hassle for something which is totally not the focus of the software. If you want this kind of accuracy, just for a pretty picture, look at 3D Max. It has all the tools you'll ever need.
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        I don't actually offer something very hard and complicated. I just offer to have roof types look and behave as they actually are. Maybe even not with a grid based concept but just a non-planar top surface option for roofs: like wave ~~~~~~~~~~ like this


          For documentation or for rendering purposes?
          Klaus Munkholm
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            I would actually love this one. I couldnt care any less about getting Spanish Tile roofing and ridges, but i would love to see:

            A "Curtain Panel Pattern Based" functionality, that was allowed to be included as a layer in a system family like a Roof, Floor, Wall, etc. The possibilities of that alone would remove so many current limitations on system families. Sure, theyre all things that have workarounds (like using generic model families arrayed around walls, or giant sweeps and reveals, but seriously....).

            Im working on a project right now, where the "System Family" of the Wall By Face was enough for the "architectural documentation,' but there is a serious constructability issue with the shape, and the cladding of the metal panel system. The walls were built as Basic Walls on wall by face, which makes sense, as thats what they are, so we dont want to use a Curtain System on the entire wall. However, a Pattern based system as a LAYER on the basic wall?

            Wouldve been amazing.
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              Although this would give Revit a really nice 3d model, I think it would be more important to be able to handle roof layers like wall layers... so the top layer could extend for some centimeters, like real tiles do... then, during rendering using a displace map it would be easy to make it look real...
              It is not only roof tiles we need but the details on the roof edges (can't remember the word...)
              See attachment... Modeled in Revit,then Max and Maxwell... What I did, was adding a second roof (sloped glazing) with fully transparent panels but stone mullions.
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                Hardware tessellation based on displacement map via DirectX 11 would be nice ^^


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