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[Revit Structure] - improve extensions4revit

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    [Revit Structure] - improve extensions4revit

    Applies to: - Revit Structure

    New Feature / Problem:
    1) For all analysis extensions: Save report in Revit
    2) improve static analyses of slabs
    3) improve load take down
    4) Improve content generator

    Why do you need this Feature / Why is it a Problem:
    1)For all analysis extensions:
    -Make it possible to save reports in revit, on the same way as in Revit MEP.

    2) improve static analyses of slabs
    Create options for selecting which sort of mesh-generation you want(coons, delaunay) or show which settings are used.
    Give more information about the calculation method. Now, it seems a 'black box' to me.
    Make it possible to select more slabs(when you have one slab with a change in thickness.
    Recognize piles(foundation isolated) as supports under a floor. When I have a floor on piles, I have to replace them all by structural columns with a point support.

    3) Improve load take down
    -Integrate an option to choose how the transfer of loads is.
    Now it is, simplified one and two ways. It would be usefull if you can choose for analytical(FEM)
    -Linesupports under walls are not detected in the load takedown. It would be usefull, if this was detected
    -Because of the simplified load transfer, springsupports are not detected as springs, when you could choose for finite elements, they would recognize them as springs.
    Extend the load combinations for different levels. In the Eurocode we use a reduction factor for building with multiple levels. Now this is not possible.

    4) Improve content generator
    -The hidden lines in thee CHS from the Steel(Technosoft NL) database(regional setting=holland) does contain hidden lines, but not on the location of the internal faces.
    -The hidden lines in the sections should be in the subcategory 'hidden faces' in stead of 'hidden lines'
    -It would be great if the solids in the family are placed in a subcategory(steel, wood, concrete). That makes it more easy to control lineweights, materials and a more correct export to CAD-formats.

    see above

    Make the extensions4revit more usefull or, usefull. We do not use the static analyses of slabs and the load take down, because of this issues

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