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[All Verticals] - improve wall schedule

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    [All Verticals] - improve wall schedule

    Applies to: - All Verticals

    New Feature / Problem:
    Improve the wall schedule to read the data of the base constraint and the top constraint.

    Why do you need this Feature / Why is it a Problem:
    -It's easy to check the wall heights, in your model.
    -To see, if you did split all the walls on each level(for cost estimation)

    The data is available, when I use the DB-link to excel or access, I can see it.

    See above

    Improve the reading of data from the model, when using schedules

    Attachment comments:

    Not for me... Because I rarely have a wall where the dimensioned height is the same as the base/top constraint. For instance:

    Exterior wall from floor to floor. Base constraint Level 2, top Constraint level 3. The actual height of the wall is ok for the exterior brickwork. Interior has a base offset cause it's extended to structural floor while level is placed on top of cement decking and a negative top offset cause it's attached to the bottom of the floor

    There's just to much variables which you need to check live in the model for this to give an accurate value. The Top and Base constraints have nothing to do with actual heights
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      Use Parts to schedule walls. But I agree that a parameter exposed in properties should be available in schedule and tags.
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