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[All Verticals] - Controlling Materials in Linked files

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    [All Verticals] - Controlling Materials in Linked files

    Applies to: - All Verticals

    New Feature / Problem:
    I wish that we could control the materials in linked files, just like we can control many other VG settings. There should be a VG settings for linked materials, with "By Host" or "Custom", to easily changes the material on one or more of the linked instances.

    Why do you need this Feature / Why is it a Problem:
    I´m doing a project, with 6 identical (in terms of geometry) buildings, where the only difference is the exterior cladding, and find it very frustrating that I need to maintain 6 project files, which are almost identical.

    Currently my only option is to maintain 6 project files, or to use Design Options... But having 6 copies of the exterior shell is time consuming to maintain as well.

    Would save a lot of time, when doing geometric identical buildings, with different materials.

    Attachment comments:
    Klaus Munkholm
    "Do. Or do not. There is no try."

    If your exterior cladding is different, surely the wall/roof/etc constructions should be also? Or by saying different, do you purely mean the colour-finish of a cladding product? Even the latter poses the chance to argue that should also be a different material-assignment, in the "differing" build ups....

    ...but saying all that, to have the functionality early on, (before the "BIM" part of it all gets in the way) would make composing site-wide views with linked models a lot nicer.


      I really want this as well.

      Sometimes it might actually be easier to do the different claddings in Photoshop (which is ridiculous, I know).
      Luke Johnson | Autodesk Expert Elite Member
      Author of What Revit Wants


        Oh yes! Needed definitely...nothing like having a site plan with 14 models linked in..just to find out that one of the buildings has the wrong material applied, and you don't have the memory to open another Revit session to fix that model.
        Michael "MP" Patrick (Deceased - R.I.P)


          Hell, even for just one building. I do my sitework and entourage stuff for renderings in a separate file, then link my building in. It sucks to have to open another session just to change a piece of door trim.


            Anyone tried painting on surfaces in linked files? Probably won't work but worth a try.
            There must be a better way...

            Ekko Nap
            Professional nitpicker, architect, revit consultant, etc.


              Originally posted by ekkonap View Post
              Anyone tried painting on surfaces in linked files? Probably won't work but worth a try.
              OF COURSE! That is the second thing I tried before cursing and closing out my model to go update the linked in one. But that should go as an extra enhancement to this wish.
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              Michael "MP" Patrick (Deceased - R.I.P)


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