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[All Verticals] - Revit's Standard Family

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    [All Verticals] - Revit's Standard Family

    Applies to: - All Verticals

    New Feature / Problem:
    Hope that Revit have family standard feature like Archicad has with graphical interface for it's parametric object, so we can get our design intend faster..With this revit standard graphical family, I think that we can modeling a building faster and don't waste time..We can add our family not commonly used in family editor..

    Why do you need this Feature / Why is it a Problem:
    We know that we can build parametric family in revit, but it has no graphical interface so sometimes we must waste time to read/write the parametric we created.

    1. Open Standard Parametric Revit Family with good graphical interface.
    2. Fill every parameter we need.
    3. That is OK..

    With standard full parametric family with good graphical interface, we will have not to make much more additional standard object creation than time consume every creating a standard building..

    Attachment comments:

    Ok, im curious abut the comments to this wish. Revit family editor has no graphical user interface (like archicad does)? Hm...

    Or did I miss something?
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      Originally posted by dalmore
      Ok, im curious abut the comments to this wish. Revit family editor has no graphical user interface (like archicad does)? Hm...Or did I miss something?
      Yes, it is not clear to me either. It is hard to understand when the only explanation given is "like in Archicad". I don't use that other program, so I don't understand this wish.
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        I think he is talking about (im guessing) things like the "Window Wizard" and other such GUI's that are in ArchiCAD. They have a standard parametric component that uses a GUI to let you tweak the parameters. Its basically a crummy all in one component, witha cute dialogue box. And if you need something it DOESNT do, you are back to square one. But thats just my guess, having used it.
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          Yup, that's probably it...
          I have discussions with (former) Archicad users about this all the time. They indeed have a "Window Generator" (and doors and some other components I believe). And that's supposed to be great because it's much quicker. yadayadayada...

          I've seen Dutch suppliers try to do the same for Revit. Simply draw the form of window you want with detail lines in a Legend view, select a bunch of parameters (what sort of framing, opening, sill, infill, and so on), press generate and presto: here's your window. So the possibility is there. If anyone is interested I'm more then happy to provide you with the credentials of the developer.

          The problem with all these "easy to use" stuff is in Martijn's Two Laws of Revit (sorry, I use these in every course I teach):
          1. You guessed it: these aren't really parametric. A lot of parameters are simple values, the thus generated windows are NOT meant to be stretched, reused, etc. And therefor, in my opinion, worthless in the long run. I'm not going into my same rant about time consumption in the long haul, but it's still best to simply LEARN TO USE THE FAMILY EDITOR
          2. You could say there's a simple correlation in user-friendlyness and the modelling/design possibilities: MORE USER FRIENDLY = MORE PRE-DEFINED RULES = LESS DESIGN FREEDOM.. Suck it up. The great thing about Revit is the almost complete freedom you have in creating the rules for your content. A whole lot of times you have something which Revit "doesn't do" it's because some dude thought it would be nice to "preprogram" behaviour in a template. Like Aaron stated, the Archicad user interface is great, if you want to have a standard window. If you need another form, you will actually have to learn the Archicad programming language to get it done. That sucks big time off course. Same goes for the Revit plugin, great for the options provided. Not so great if you're working on something different.

          So that's a "no thanks" for me...
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            I use revit precisely because it is parametric and I already dislike having to deal with 'dumb' dwg's, so unfortunately it's a no from me too.
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              ArchiCAD objects are like Revit "All-in-one" families...they can get really complicated on what an object can/can't do... So you have to spend the time configuring your window for example. If you already have a standard window preconfigured in your template it goes pretty quick. But if its a new window have fun selecting all the parameters. Nice thing is you can match properties if you already placed your windows.

              Attached is just one of the many parameter views for just one window. Sorry, I like my Revit windows...Select the type and size and place. I don't need to worry about sills, shades, whether it has a masonry arch...etc...
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