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    Save selection

    Luke Johnson has been going on for some time now about saving selections. IMHO the easiest way by far is to:
    select your elements,
    go to an isometric 3D view,
    turn off crop view, section box etc.,
    reselect your selection by 'select previous',
    temporarily isolate these elements,
    duplicate the view if necessary,
    make the temp isolation permanent,
    view override by element to distinguish saved selection from newly added elements.

    What Revit Wants: Quick select groups of objects in Revit (save multiple selection sets)

    Edit: newly added elements would of course appear in this view, so added a final step. :hide:
    Last edited by ekkonap; November 16, 2011, 04:35 PM.
    There must be a better way...

    Ekko Nap
    Professional nitpicker, architect, revit consultant, etc.

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