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    Grouping Parameters

    This is an entry level tip Don`t smile please. Maybe the beginners will apreciate

    As you know Revit doesn`t let you make sucategories for grouping parameters. You can only use the default ones (like Graphic, Dimensions, Other..) . So if you have a lot of parameters under one category, you need sometimes to make some extra work to make this parameters easy to read. One of the best workarounds is a careful logical planing for ordering parameters, using the best trick i know - the Scott Hopkins reordering parameters trick. Another tip that make even more order(after Scott trick is aplied), is to make some groups for related parameters, in the same category, by using some nonusable text parameters so we can simulate some subcategories. Like in the picture. This make user eyes to be more efficinet in finding the pozition of a certain parameters, and most important, it makes you remember the general look of settings of a complicated family.

    Even if in the pictures is not showen, you can make this text parameters names to have a real subcategory name(with CAPS), and it will be different than the real parameters if you put something in formula field (like "*") because a grey color will be applied on that leters.
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    Double posting but no attachment.... something seems wrong!
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      fixed. very weird.


        I tried to delete the double post earlier today.

        Something a bit wacky as the moderation tool deleted the whole thread! Luckily I soft deleted it and was able to restore. Still looking into what the problem may be.
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