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ACAD viewport methodology in Revit?

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    ACAD viewport methodology in Revit?

    Hello everyone.

    I'm an experienced user of ACAD and am now learning Revit. The course I took was done on a single monitor and now that I have two monitors to play with I'm struggling to apply the multiple viewport methodology into Revit. Basically I'd like to have one viewport on each screen that switches to the view I just clicked on without opening up a separate floating window. Any ideas.

    As far as I know the only way to do that is to stretch your Revit window accros the 2 monitors and tile the drawing you want to open. For me a better way is to just have revit on one screen and have the Project Browser and Properties panel on the second screen and have outlook and a webbrowser on the bit of space left on the second monitor.

    You can move the panels outside of Revit and you can not do that with your drawings (views and sheets).
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      I just recently learned about the Palladio windows arrangement addin. I think it’s something you might find useful as it is similar to the behavior of multiple views in AutoCad.

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        If you do split between both monitors you might take a look at Palladio X BIM Windows Layout on the app store.
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          Great APP, Thank's for sharing it, I just downloaded it and it works nice :thumbsup:
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            Hi Guys, Why do you think this app is useful? Downloaded it and used but maybe i did not get the point of the app? excuse me for my stupid question.


              The revit default "Windows Tile" tool arranges the windows - well, tiled. They are all roughly the same size.
              The Palladio tool give you one big window and stacks the rest of them in a column to the right.
              Then you can click on one of the side windows & run it again to make that your large window.
              It's much more predictable than the default, and give you a more usable workspace.

              But in answer to your real question, check out the Revit Road Map
              Revit Roadmap Update - April 2017 - Revit Official Blog
              Revit is in practice, a one-monitor program . . . . at least the current version is (hint, hint).
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