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Tielblocks and Image files - Drawiong Order

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    Tielblocks and Image files - Drawiong Order

    Just found this annoying drawing order issue in Revit title blocks.
    So I thought that I would share it with all. Seeing as this is my giving back year.
    We all know that layer hierarchy in Revit can be a bit of a head ache. So much more in title blocks.
    Scenario= you want to insert an image(jpeg) as a color backdrop in your title block or for whatever reason.
    Then you add another two images over top of that, say your company logo and a client or project logo.
    Result= None or only one of your logo's show up while the other is over ridden by the color shade image. (suppose to be )
    Fix= Revit assigns a timeline to the hierarchy and drawing order of the images.
    The oldest images are always in front and the newest always behind them.
    So to fix this issue just make sure that you have your logos loaded first and then insert the image for the back ground.
    This might not be they way Revit was set up, but this has been the only way I could get this to work for me.
    Here's to good design in Revit.
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    I've not experimented this issue, but I would advice to work with "multi layer pictures" in a dedicated soft (lot's of free ones on the net), and then import it in your title block. Revit is not very good for the moment playing with picture files....
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