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Miter Curtain Wall Glazing

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    Miter Curtain Wall Glazing

    Okay, once again, this may be common knowledge. But, I'll post it anyway.

    Here's an easy way to get your curtain walls to miter without having a mullion at the conrer.

    1. Draw a curtain wall
    2. Add you curtain grid and mullions.
    3. Create a glass wall that is the same thickness as your curtain wall glazing. Attach the same material to it as well.
    4. Go to a 3D view (or an elevation) and hover over the corner panels you want to miter. You will have to tab through until the panel is selected.
    5. Once a panel is selected, go to the wall type selector and choose the glass wall you just created. It will replace the curtain wall panel with the glass wall. Do this for all of the panels that need to be mitered.
    6. Once the panels are inserted, you may (or may not) have to use the walls offset (in the properties palette) to align the new wall panel with the existing curtain wall panels.

    That's it. The curtain walls should now miter at the corner automatically, just like walls do.
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    I guess I posted this a little prematurely. I've come to find out that with this method, you can't schedule the curtain wall panels correctly.

    SO, if it's just a visual thing you're after for renderings, then it's a good work around. If you need to schedule it, then visit this tread post #6


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