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    Originally posted by jmqrsq View Post
    Does anyone have the right triangle image they can post? It is not showing up in IE o, Safari or Chrome. Thank you.
    RevitForum Right Triangle.jpg


      lost images in the first post added again
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        I appreciate Joe Zhou’s response and would like to add that you can use a not statement to simplify parts of this formula. Whenever a situation similar to

        …or(Length A > Length B OR Length A = Length B)…

        appears in a formula, it can be replaced with

        …not(Length A < Length B)…

        Using this method, Joe’s formula can be simplified to

        if(and(not(Length A < Length B), not(Length A < Length C)), Length A, if(and(not(Length B < Length A), not(Length B < Length C)), Length B, if(and(not(Length C < Length A), not(Length C < Length B)), Length C, 0mm)))

        The attached image below shows the two formulas return the same result.

        The benefit to modifying Joe’s formula is the modified version contains half the number of conditions for Revit to check compared to the original. If the family you are building contains complex conditional statements, the number of conditions in a formula can slow down how quickly Revit applies the changes to a family.
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