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    Hey Revit Forum!

    Friendly version: VR application that lets you walk around in your building with VR (oculus touch+revit supported) and/or mouse+keyboard. Download link at the bottom.

    Vision in Action (videos)

    [Vision with VR]
    [Measuring tool with Keyboard+Mouse]
    [Material swapping with Keyboard+Mouse]
    [Open in Vision from Revit]

    A friend of mine and I have been working on yet-another-VR-application for architects, building enthusiasts, VR lovers, decision makers and the common man, and feel that we've reached that point of fineness, that releasing an open beta into the wild might be a good idea.

    Our application takes your model and gives you a new perspective. Use the supplied Revit Addin, or drag and drop your .Obj file to the launcher window, or play around in the sample files that come with the installer.

    You can fly around in it (as a fish, no joke) in first person mode and do measurements, change materials (ones that we have supplied, for now) and change the time of day to see your piece of architecture in a new light.... Or! -- You can grab your Vive or Oculus (with Touch) headset, put it on, and move in a one-to-one with your creation.

    We call ourselves Synced, and the product: Vision. There are no boundaries with what we can do with this application, and we hope that you will give us your two cents of feedback so that we can improve it.

    The open beta is open in the sense that it costs nothing (for now), but there is a tiny catch: it **Will** break. A simple lock has been put into the application, that "halts it" on March 31st, this year. We hope to be closer to an actual release candidate by then, if not; newer beta versions may extend the duration of the open beta.

    If you like our program and want to give us your feedback, either post here, via issues on our [public GitHub page for the project]
    or on mail [email protected]. We look forward to it, good and/or bad - thank you.

    Best Regards,
    Andreas and Kenneth

    P.S. There is a "license" in the installer. You have my (Kenneth) permission to disregard it. For a time, we feared a lot of things, it is a remnant of that fear.

    P.P.S. You'll need SteamVR for both the Vive and Oculus (which I'm guessing most of you are familiar with). This is due to the fact that we're using OpenVR, and not OVR directly.


    [Our website] - read more about our visions here
    [How to use Vision]
    [Download latest version of the beta]
    [YouTube Channel]
    [See changelogs of beta updates]

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