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    Tools4Revit review

    I recently purchased a license for some of the Tool4Revit add-Ins.

    T4R had a special going and I signed up for a package of their Smart Modeling, Wood Framing and Fast Documentation Tools these are:
    • Building Information Detailing
    • Sort & Cope
    • Cut Opening
    • Smart Floors
    • Smart Browser
    • Dynamic Legend
    • Quick Table
    • Quick Dimensions
    • Smart Sheets
    • Rafter+
    • Truss+
    • U-Value

    As there are a number of tools that have only little use to me, I haven't as yet tried them all.

    Of the one which I am now using daily:

    Sort & Cope is sensational. The tool allows you to adjust the coping on beam to beam or beam to column attachments very easily indeed. For me, a great tool.
    Dynamic Legends - This was one of the tools I was really keen on and having used it for a few days, I now provide graphical shedules for pretty much anything I schedule - love this tool.
    Quick Dimensions - Quite good at speeding up the dimensioning of face of walls - opening - grids etc. Unfortunately will not dimension to face of care which makes it somewhat limited for my use
    Rafter+ - This was another of the tools that I was really interested in. Pretty much perfect for my needs. Quite quick to frame a whole roof, has a couple of issues with rafters on one side of a ridge not aligning to the opposite rafter, making the collar ties a little bit more work to do. Not sure if this is the program itself or if it is a user error. Nevertheless - very good indeed.
    Truss+ - Pretty much the same comment for rafter+, although it is slower to model the trusses for a roof than it is the rafters. Nevertheless, apart from a couple of quirks, a very good addon - I will use it at least once a week.

    The others I have either used a little or not at all.

    Quick Table - very similar to the other addon which transfers fields from excel to a table in revit.
    Smart Sheets - Haven't looked at it. With the way I have my template set up, it is unlikely that I will use this tool much.
    Cut Opening - probably very handy for those who do MEP will be a little bit useful for me from time to time
    Smart Floors - as I have never designed anything with a hollow core concrete floor, this is one which I am unlikely to ever need or use. No doubt those who document structure might find it very useful.
    Smart Browser - Sort of somewhat similar to Phillip Miller's Family browser. I have had only a very quick glance at it, but as I love FB, I probably won't be using it on a regular basis. I will however have a more detailed look at it over the weekend and see what other benefits it might offer.
    U-Value - Haven't even opened it - no comment at this stage.

    All in all, I am happy with the tools. They seem to be robust and haven't caused any problems in Revit itself that I am aware of.

    Ian Kidston

    They are a great set of tools in my experience. I especially love dynamic legends. Really quick and easy and what's more I can create a setup to be part of my template so that I don't have to re-create the setup every time.

    As for the quirckie things about Rafter and Truss+ you can simply send someone an e-mail over a tools4revit if you struggling with a particular roof type and they will get back to within 24 hours with a solution normally. Found their service to excellent.


      You can feel free to shoot me a PM, i'll gladly give you my email as well, to help with some of the problems you are having. The company I work for resells them here in America and I'm the in-house expert on them. The Rafter+ issue you are having is likely resolved by splitting the system with the tool in Rafter+ for it.

      For the tools you have not yet rated:

      Quick Table - It's great for bringing in excel stuff to create something that looks like a schedule. The interface for the table creation is also extremely similar to schedule setup. It also lets you update previously created views if you change your excel document.

      Smart Sheets - This is a great tool for lining views up between sheets if you don't already have a system in place to do it.

      Cut Opening - This tool essentially requires both RAC and RME to operate properly. If you are not in a multi-discipline firm or your MEP consultant does not have it it is basically useless.

      Smart Floors - This tool very accurately creates prestressed concrete floor systems based off of wall picks for borders. A lot of the voids and stuff it places for you automatically can be modified to styles you want.

      Smart Browser - Updated: The recent changes to it have improved performance of the tool. OOTB content added to it has dropped to about an hour which is normal, from my experience, for these tools. Startup has dropped down to about 1 minute on my laptop. Less time on the desktops in office. I kinda like the addition of the content trader but I am wary of the quality of the content that will go up there as it is up to the individual poster.

      U-Value - This is a pretty cool tool. It will require massive amounts of setup with your templates to work properly and lots of dinking with parameter information. Once setup it works well and accurately though.

      Just to warn you, some of the tools require an active internet connection to work; if I recall correctly. (I may be wrong about T4R stuff and am thinking of other tools I have on my machine.)
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        We are glad to congratulate all Autodesk Revit users on coming Christmas and give a present!

        We have releast new Smart Browser version 2012.2 and now it works much more faster. Also now Smart Browser makes it easy to find, share, sell or buy needed Revit families.

        Click on the link to download a free Smart Browser licence: Tools4Revit | Smart Browser | Free!
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          How does smart browser handle type catalogs? Can a user place a single type from a type catalog into their project from the external browser or or does it place all types from the type catalog in the project or does only place the types that are stored in the family file?


            Originally posted by DoTheBIM View Post
            How does smart browser handle type catalogs? Can a user place a single type from a type catalog into their project from the external browser or or does it place all types from the type catalog in the project or does only place the types that are stored in the family file?
            It will let you look through the different types available. You can then choose to load just that type only or load the family with all types via one of two buttons in the family browser viewer.


              What about selecting a few types only or is it "one or all"?


                For now you can load one selected or all.


                  Will tools like Dynamic Legend work from a template if the user does not have it installed? IE - If I have it installed and create it in our template, someone else starts a new project that doesn't have it installed will the functions still work or are they up a creek?
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                    You don't need to install a template. Just before working with Dynamic Legend you have to create a block what show the design of the table you will have. Please see a video how to create it: Tools4Revit Dynamic Legend - Preparation: Creating Sample Blocks - YouTube. Or you can copy this block what is in our sample project what is placed under E-Help.
                    Later this block can be saved in your template for later use.


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