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Revit 2017 reports that it is missing .NET 4.6

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    Revit 2017 reports that it is missing .NET 4.6

    Here's a shot in the dark.

    The Autodesk Revit 2017 package lists .NET 4.6 as a prerequisite.
    So, installing Revit 2017 will install .NET 4.6 if it doesn't already exist.

    We have been getting incidental cases of users, who are already running Revit 2017, later on receiving the message that .NET 4.6 is missing.
    I cannot pinpoint whether this is getting uninstalled (my assumption), or if it never existed in the first place (doubt it...).

    Autodesk has this confusing Knowledge base entry:
    (Are they saying Revit 2017 SP2 is uninstalling .NET 4.6?)

    Is anyone else having this issue? Or, any suggestion what might be the culprit?

    Tentative items on my watchlist are: Programs requiring earlier versions of .NET (RAC2014 (4.0) and BlueBeam Revu (4.5) and maybe our AD policy for 4.5.1)


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